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It’s Time for My Blogging Break…

August is fleeting. Do you feel that familiar sense of August urgency again? As another summer winds down, you might suddenly realize you didn’t get as much done this summer as you planned, right? Or maybe that’s just me, ‘cuz I sure didn’t. It’s back to school time, days are getting shorter, the Halloween stuff is back in the stores and so on. For me, August also means it’s time to take my annual blogging break. In August I take a couple weeks off from the blogging end of things anyway to do some reflecting, some goal setting, some writing, some reading, and hopefully some relaxing too.

This summer was another summer that wasn’t for me. Early May was when things started going badly for my dad health-wise and as many of you know, he died in late July. Summer this year has been a blur of busyness and emotional chaos. There has been joy and there has been deep sorrow.

During my break this year, the heavy work of grieving continues.

The joy of living continues as well.

Until later, friends…

How did your summer go?

If you’re a blogger, or a blog reader, do you take blogging or blog reading breaks?

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Thought I’d share my little backyard oasis with you…I love it. Do you have an “oasis” of some sort?


12 thoughts to “It’s Time for My Blogging Break…”

  1. Hi Nancy, I was off-line for a while, didn’t know about your father’s passing. I am sorry for your loss. I hope the end-of-summer, still ahead, may lift your spirits a bit. Thinking of you, Elaine

  2. Hi Nancy, I def. did not accomplish everything I wanted to do this summer (well, maybe two things – and you already know of one of them.). Some unexpected changes happened that I’m still not happy about. But as we’re aware, most things are out of our control. I am sorry you’ve had a difficult summer. You take the time you need to re-charge and to be kind to yourself. xoxo

    1. Rebecca, I’m sorry there have been some unexpected changes for you that you’re not happy about. And yes, many times things are out of our control. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. xo

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your father. Mine passed away over a year ago, and while the grieving changes as the months pass, it doesn’t diminish. Our fathers are the stable floor we stand on, and we have to find a new balance once they’re gone. It takes time.
    My summer has gone too fast. I live at 7500 feet, and our warm seasons are much too short! But they’re extra-beautiful to make up for it. Ive had lots of company, so now that I’m on my own I’m catching up on clearing the weeds from the garden and getting the landscape all tucked in for a cold mountain winter. Meanwhile, my husband is busy stacking firewood (can you tell who’s the practical one in this household?)
    You’ve earned your blogging break! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your thoughts with us, and helping us all gain a little more understanding of our own breast cancer experience, and those of others. You do a great job; in fact, you’re the only cancer blog I follow.
    Have a lovely autumn – enjoy the light and the leaves! I was diagnosed in fall, which you’d think would make me sad, but I always remember how precious and beautiful the world looked when I stepped out of that doctor’s office. I hope I never forget!

    1. Joanne, I am sorry to hear about your dad. I think you’re exactly right about fathers being the stable floor we stand on. Certainly true for me. Our warm season isn’t that long either and I was noticing last night how early it gets dark now. Lots of ‘tucking in’ to do around here too. Keeping busy helps with the grieving. Thank you for your kind words. I am honored to be the breast cancer blog you follow. What a nice thing to say. And fall is wonderful – glad it wasn’t spoiled for you by your diagnosis. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Nancy, I hope your break was restorative. Sending you hugs and peace and comfort after such a tumultuous time.

    Without really planning to, I ended up taking a blog break in August, too. Except for the pinktober nonsense, I am looking forward to fall. xoxo, Kathi

    1. Kathi, Thank you, it was. I am looking forward to fall, although at the same time, it’s hard to move on from summer. It means more letting go of my dad, if that makes sense. xo

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