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Nancy’s Point Turns Six!

I have now been blogging for six years. Wow. Six years. Sort of unbelievable even for me. I started blogging right after Labor Day probably because as an educator at heart, September is the real start of the new year as far as I’m concerned. So it just made sense for me to start then. After my cancer diagnosis, it became too difficult for a variety of reasons for me to continue teaching, so I started writing and blogging. It’s still work, but I get to do it while staying in the comforts of my home. Do I miss teaching? Yes. Sometimes. But life is about changing and adapting, right? I continue trying to do both. I’m sure you do too.

As I start my seventh year blogging, my heart is filled with gratitude for you, my dear readers. Writing of any sort is a whole lot more rewarding when someone actually reads your words. It’s also a lot more fun.

So thank you.

Thank you for reading Nancy’s Point. I value your readership, comments and support very much.

As I continue to navigate the maze that is cancer and loss, perhaps as you do too; I will keep sharing some hopefully pertinent information, my stories, my opinions, my struggles and my hopes and dreams, too. I hope to hear about some of yours as well because we are in this together.

Thank you for hanging around with me the past six years, or however long it’s been for you.

And if you’re a newbie here, welcome!

Let’s find out together where year seven takes us…

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How many blogs (roughly) do you read and why do you read them?

How long have you been reading Nancy’s Point?


Nancy's Point
Thank you for reading Nancy’s Point!


26 thoughts to “Nancy’s Point Turns Six!”

  1. I’ve been following you for several months. I found you when I was researching AIs. I enjoy reading other peoples perspectives. I follow 5-6 blogs to see what new information there is and to get information from cancer survivors on what they’re doing for long term health and cancer prevention. The information I gained from this blog really helped me make the decision not to take an AI. I thank everyone for their input.

    1. Laurie, Thank you for letting me know how long you’ve been reading. It is helpful to read other people’s perspectives isn’t it? I have to remind you though, that this blog, including the comments left here, are not to be taken as medical advice. I, myself, am still on an AI. Just want to be clear about that. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nancy, your words about change resonated for me. It may be one of the things that has been most challenging, giving up work I loved due to the unforeseen challenges of cancer, and transitioning to a “new life.” I’ve often wondered if I am alone in that…the loss of that old work identity…as I have not yet found my new one, that new purpose that reflects a purpose so important it blasts one out of bed to welcome opportunities to serve within it. Retirement was not on my horizon, yet here I am semi-retired, and floundering. Do others feel it? Can anyone share how they dealt with it?

    1. Maggie, I am sorry you had to give up the work you love. You are definitely not alone in your feelings of a lost identity. In fact, probably most of us have similar feelings in one way or the other. There are days I am still floundering. So yes, others feel it too. Day by day. Processing through the changes as best you can. Allowing yourself to grieve for the “old you”. Finding support from others. Finding a new passion (not necessarily cancer related). Just a few suggestions, but of course, there is no magic solution and each of us has to figure it out. Survivorship is hard too. One more reason I wrote my memoir. The societal expectations to learn some great lesson from cancer are out there. Ditch those. Wishing you all the best.

    2. Hey Maggie! I was really sad to leave my job as a massage therapist last October. I loved my clients and the interaction I had with them. I felt lonely a lot of days throughout my therapies cause I was so used to having people to talk to everyday. I was trying to decide what to do for the next phase of my life also. After lots of research and seeing all the programs available for cancer survivors and seeing what is lacking I’ve chosen my next route. I am studying to be a personal trainer then I’m going to get certified in the Pink Ribbon Program so I can help other breast cancer survivors get their range of motion back and rebuild their active lives. I am also a registered dietitian and have changed my focus to Integrative and Functional Medicine so I can counsel cancer survivors on proper nutrition. So combining all these specialties should allow me lots of ways to give back and help others. I’m looking forward to finishing all my studying so I’ll be ready for 2017. Hopefully something will inspire you.

      1. Thanks, Laurie…each day offers lessons, and I am grateful for your inspiring story. Continued luck and success to you!!

  3. I am two weeks post bi-lateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. I received the results yesterday of my genetic testing. I am positive for the BRAC2 gene. A paternal great grandmother, paternal grandmother and my older sister have all had breast cancer. thankfully, my older sister has been clear for 20 years. My father died from Pancreatic Cancer which also shares the marker. My pathology report indicates no cancer in the sentinel node. I meet my oncologist in two days but I anticipate radiation treatment to begin soon. I am thinking of this as a bump in the road, not the road. I am hoping to return to my job as an office manager but I understand that might be out of my control.
    Choosing to stay positive everyday. Sending out hugs to my sisters sharing the journey.

    1. Linda, Sorry to hear about your recent cancer diagnosis, bilateral and the BRCA2+ results. It’s a lot to process and deal with. I hope your meeting with your oncologist went well. Hoping all goes as smoothly as possible for you. Good luck with everything.

  4. Happy 6 years, Nancy! You know I love your blog and you always inspire me. I think I read about 2 dozen blogs. Maybe more but I’m finding it hard to keep up these days. Maybe that’s a good thing? Anyway, congrats again!

  5. Oh my gosh–happy 6 years of blogging! Ha, yeah I think September is the “real” new year too!
    How many blogs do I read? I don’t even know! I’m so methodical about so many things in my life, but very scattered about social media. I subscribe to a few blogs via email, I follow some via WordPress, then there are the things that pop up in a Facebook feed–but that’s so unreliable! The other bad habit I’ve developed, is to save links on FB, or bookmark blog posts if I don’t find them via FB, because I don’t always have time during the week. Then I try to plow thru on the weekends. I’m of course a big reader, and I really want to read everything. I’ve learned to just cut myself slack.
    Thank YOU for your blog–if you had not been here when I started looking around when I started blogging (4 years ago about now), I don’t know WHAT I would’ve done!!

    1. CC, I have no idea how many blogs I read either, so I guess I am pretty scattered regarding social media stuff as well. Thank you for reading mine and thanks so much for your kind words. And you know I’m a huge fan of your blog. 🙂

  6. Nancy, congratulations on six years! I found your blog two years ago and enjoyed reading it from day one. I am so thankful for your contributions to our online community and for the different ways you’ve helped me (and so many others) deal with the survivorship challenges. Thank you for everything you do and for your continuous support. xoxo

    1. Rebecca, Thank you for reading my blog over the past two years. I discovered your blog by following the comment trail and I’m sure glad I did! Thank you very much for all your support too. Means so much. xo

  7. Wow, six years! I’m sure I speak for many when I say you are an inspiration. I’ve been following you for about a year and a half now, having found you during a desperate search for information on what to expect during cancer treatment. I voraciously read all of your posts and every comment made by your followers. I’m almost two years out of chemo now and the road is looking slightly less bumpy. I shudder to think how difficult my experience would have been without the support of your blog and though things are better, I still check in every month to find out what’s new in the world of Nancy. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening yours to the rest of us.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    Congratulations on six years. I look forward to your posts in this seventh year. For me, the year begins in the fall, too. I really appreciate all you do to educate others and share your candor and experiences.

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