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Nancy’s Point Turns Seven!

Seven years since my cancer diagnosis. Seven years since the day the shit hit the fan. Seven years since I started this blog. Seven years since the family and I sat around brainstorming what the heck to call it. Seven years. It’s even hard for me to believe seven years have passed. But there it is, seven years! Who would have thought I’d have to so much to say? Dear Hubby asked me recently how long I intended to keep at it. 

“How much more do you have to say about cancer anyway?”

It was a fair question.

“You’d be surprised,” was my response.

Fair answer, too, right?

I have no idea how long I’ll keep hitting the keyboard churning out blog posts. I don’t plan too far ahead. (Which irks Dear Hubby because he is the world’s greatest long-range planner, or would like to be). Cancer has a way of reminding us both even now, seven years out, that plans are merely that, plans. Cancer doesn’t give a rat’s ass about plans.

Who knows what really is on the horizon, right?

And would you really want to know? 

For now, I plan to keep blogging and writing in other various formats.

This post is to celebrate seven years.

To be clear, it is not to celebrate cancer or any so-called awakening (didn’t have one). Or cancer’s lessons (mostly learned shitty stuff). Or cancer’s silver linings (other than meeting some wonderful people, there are none). No way.

It is to celebrate blogging. And sharing. And friendships forged. And advocacy. And truth telling. And YOU, my dear readers.

Mostly, it is a chance for me to say, thank you for sticking around. If you’re new here, welcome.

You inspire me. You keep me going. Together we help one another keep going. I like to think that anyway.

So keep on keepin’ on, everybody.

Thank you for reading Nancy’s Point!

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How long have you been reading Nancy’s Point?

What would you like to read more about? Less about?


Thank you for reading Nancy's Point!

19 thoughts to “Nancy’s Point Turns Seven!”

  1. Hi Nancy….. hmmmm so much to learn everyone’s battle is soooo different. Yet it’s always a fight. Here are the things that I wonder and would love to read about.
    1) is there testing for Cancer after you beat it? Most doctors say thank you all done see you every 3 months then 6 months etc…. but don’t do any testing?????
    2) Ai’s nasty stuff which I’m grateful for your blog about the dark side of them. Oh so true!!
    3) absolutely recipes!!! and possibly losing weight from taking the damn Ai’s

    1. Alicia, 1)There generally isn’t testing without symptoms, but of course, some oncologists do things differently. Mine follows the standard guidelines, although he does do blood analysis stuff. 2) AIs – oh yes, the drugs we love to hate. I’m thinking about putting together an ebook with my posts all in one place. I’ll likely be writing on this topic again because it’s a one of interest to many readers and me as well. 3) Glad you like the recipe idea. Might be a good thing to get going on this winter. Thank you for sharing. Appreciate your feedback.

    2. Today is my first date on this amazing blog, I have been diagnosed with bc and that I have the palb2
      gene mutation and should do a bilateral mastectomy, my fears and depression are off the chart, a real roller coaster ride. You stated that we should be brutally honest…well I’m 66 and I feel like I want to just die rather than go thru this surgery, I’m truly scared to the point of death and feel why undertake these catastrophic surgery when I’m nearer to dying than living life productively trying to recover from major surgery like this…you ladies are so brave and honest with your comments, do you think I need physcological help…im in a state of shock and feel out of my element for making a decision about what to do, to do nothing leaves me as scared as doing what surgeon has suggested…please respond….

      1. Sonya, I am sorry to learn about your diagnosis. Feeling overwhelmed is normal. Feeling like you just want to die rather than going through surgery is not. Please speak with someone on your team who can direct to someone with whom you can confide about your fears and all the rest. Remember, you aren’t alone. You can do this. It won’t be easy, but we all do what we must. You will too. Good luck with things, and I hope you speak with someone soon.

  2. Seven years of blogging is indeed worth celebrating! Congratulations to you Nancy! I have been a reader of “Nancy’s Point” for most of those years. I appreciate your writing, your insights and the questions you pose. If you are like me, being a blogger has also made me a better and more committed writer. Onward! Thank you!

    1. Lisa, I very much appreciate your loyal readership. I completely agree that blogging has made be a more committed and therefore better (hopefully) writer. When I look back on some of my early posts, I think, yikes! Onward we go, right? Thanks again, Lisa.

  3. Hi Nancy! Congratulations on 7 years of blogging. I liked your blog as soon as I found it because of your truth telling and willingness to support others. (I hope you don’t retire any time soon.) I enjoy reading everything you post, especially those about the societal expectations vs the reality of living with this illness (and keeping it real!) so keep them coming! Thank you for all you do. xoxo

    1. Rebecca, Thank you for your kind words. You’ve been so supportive for so long now. I can’t even remember when our paths first crossed. One thing I will always try to do is to keep it real. The sugarcoating drives me a little nuts. As you know. Thank you for everything, my blogging friend. xo

  4. Happy blogoversary. I know I say this every year to you at this time, but I still remember vividly when you first started blogging. it’s wonderful to see how far you’ve come and what an integral part of the blogosphere you are – I cannot imagine it without you! Here’s to many more years lighting the way for others!

    1. Marie, Thank you so much. I vividly remember how welcoming and encouraging you were back then. And you still are! Many thanks for all you do to support this community. Onward we go…

  5. Congratulations Nancy! Thank you for writing and sharing your insights with us. There are times I don’t blog as frequently. But there are other times like during #GCAM when I blog almost daily. Sometimes life gets in the way and I stop writing and other times when cancer once again slaps you on the side of the head like when it takes a friend when I just need talk about it on my blog.
    What you write … will be read by me and many.

  6. Nancy, congratulations on your 7-year anniversary. I’ve followed along on Twitter since I found you (in 2012) while going through chemo. Just had my 5-year “all clear” last month. Can’t tell you how much your posts helped me. Love your honesty and lack of BS. Thanks so much!

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