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A Little Re-cap & Let’s Share!

It’s always interesting to me to see which posts take off and which ones, umm… don’t. It’s also helpful for me because it gives me a little clue about what readers want to read about, though I never let statistics dictate topics I choose to write about. That’s not how I operate. This year there were a couple of surprises.  

Here’s my list of the top five posts (readership-wise) at Nancy’s Point during the last year (September to September).

  1. When a Cancer Billboard Is Offensive. This one was a big surprise to me. I had no idea my outrage and ensuing rant would resonate with so many. This post was hands down the top post this year as far as readership numbers go. I was very moved by all the shares, tweets and re-tweets which resulted in Mayo Clinic Health System swapping out the offensive sign. They contacted me and actually made the change pretty quickly. Again, thank you for the support. Social media definitely can have an impact.
  2. Should A Cancer Patient Shave Off the Hair and If So, When? One of my earliest posts and one that I had a hard time pushing that publish button for, not because of the word content, but because of the photo content. This one continues to get lots of views, so I’m glad I did push that button way back when.
  3. How Long Do I Have to Look Like This? Another chemo and hair loss post that just goes to show I’m not the only one who thinks chemo induced hair loss totally sucks and is a big deal!
  4. Ten Reasons the Pink Ribbon Has Lost Its Appeal – or Ten Things Wrong with the Pink Ribbon – I had to add to the list last year – Make that 13 Things Wrong with the Pink Ribbon.
  5. Things We Aren’t Supposed to Say About Mastectomies, Reconstruction and Breasts – which just goes to show you probably should go ahead and say some of those things you hesitate to say… I’m happy this one made the top five because it’s one of my personal favorites.

And speaking of personal favorites; mine this year would have to be: 10 Reasons Breast Reconstruction Is Not a Boob Job  because it’s NOT a boob job!

For the second year in a row my top post in the grief/loss category was:  Does Sending a Sympathy Card Really Matter? So yes, maybe it does.

Oh and the top “bombs” in case you’re wondering…and yes, this was a bit of a surprise to me.

My three posts on the mammography debate would qualify statistically speaking as flopperoos.

There you have it. The top posts and the bottom of the heap posts (readership-wise) from Nancy’s Point for the past year.

Do you have a favorite (or most helpful) post you’ve read at Nancy’s Point this year? 

If you’re a blogger, pleases feel free to share a link to a favorite post you’ve written or one that’s been a bit of a surprise.


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Thursday 25th of September 2014

Your billboard one was certainly a winner. I appreciate all of your posts though! The most popular one on my site is Advice on Taking Care of a Patient After a Mastectomy or Breast Reconstruction - tells me I probably should write more helpful content. :)


Thursday 25th of September 2014

Mandi, Thanks for the kind words and yes the billboard one surprised me, but then again, I knew I wasn't alone in how it made me feel and that's another reason I had to write it. That's a good post you wrote. Lots of advice is needed on all this stuff that's for sure. Thank you for reading my blog and for commenting and thanks for sharing your link too.


Sunday 21st of September 2014

I love your posts overall because you're real and cut to the chase. Re mastectomy posts, I generally don't read them here or anywhere because I had a lumpectomy and radiation. If it's about dealing with one, for instance, it wouldn't apply to me. Perhaps other lumpectomy patients skip them too? Of course, it affects many, many women with breast cancer and needs to be written about. I'm just putting out there a possible reason for lesser stats.


Monday 22nd of September 2014

Eileen, Yeah, I'm not sure why the mammogram posts were a flop, but I wanted to write about the debate and I'm glad I did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Beth L. Gainer

Sunday 21st of September 2014

I can't tell you which one or two of your posts was my favorite, as I love all of them. I did really love the billboard one -- it showed the power of social media to effect change. I'm not sure why the mammogram series didn't do well -- I thought they were great. Oh well. Keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading!


Monday 22nd of September 2014

Beth, You're very kind. You always are! Thank you.


Thursday 18th of September 2014

Do you think talking about mammograms maybe not being quite as effective as some people think is just too scary, and hence the low readership? Interesting to see where things stacked up. Your number 5 was one of my favorites too!


Friday 19th of September 2014

Brandie, Interesting observation about the mammogram posts. I don't know the answer to your question, but you might be right. I think many people hesitate to speak out about the debate because the benefits of mammograms have been drummed into our heads for ages. But the inadequacies of them have not. We need and deserve to hear all the facts about them IMO. Thank you for reading and commenting too. Glad you liked #5.

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