Celebrating 10 Years of #Blogging & My Biggest #Giveaway Ever! #cancer #blogginglife #cancersucks #memoir #prizes

Nancy’s Point turns 10 & my biggest giveaway ever!

Nancy’s Point is ten years old! That’s right. I’ve been at this blogging gig for ten years. Yes, ten years! There have been 662 published posts totaling, I have no idea, how many words, and there are nearly 19,000 comments. (Of course, many of the latter are my responses to yours.)

You might want to read, You Have Cancer. It was the second post I wrote ten years ago.

When I started blogging, I had no idea how long I’d be at it. Heck, I had no idea about a lot of things—blogging and otherwise.

So, what do I say at this ten-year juncture?

How do I mark/celebrate ten years of blogging?

Well, I am happy to still be blogging. I am happy to still be here, period. Both are things to be celebrated, for sure.

First and foremost, thank you for reading!

A few of you have been reading regularly for the full ten years. (You know who you are.) Some of you have become good friends. Some of you are new here.

I appreciate every dear reader. Every. Single. One. New, regular, sporadic, one-time visitor—any sort. I appreciate YOU!

Y’all keep me going.

Back in March, you may (or may not) have noticed that I changed the above banner on the blog. I finally got around to having someone design a logo. (Only took me ten years. 😏) I was going to write about it back then, but the pandemic happened, and writing about a logo seemed completely unimportant.

Not that it’s important now either. However, I’m telling you about it anyway because this seems like a good time.

About the logo:

The tree is a fall-looking tree because fall is my favorite season. The falling leaves represent loss and grief, topics I care a lot about and often write about. The water represents the little Wisconsin lake I live on. For those of you who’ve been reading from the very beginning, you might remember me sharing that we live on a point of said lake. (Just kidding, I’m sure no one remembers that.)

Hence the name, Nancy’s Point.

Also, Nancy’s Point was chosen (thank you, Dear Hubby, for coming up with such a perfect name) because obviously, this blog represents my points of view. (Now and then, a few readers seem to forget this part.)

So, that’s the story behind the logo. Thank you, Heather, for your design. I think it’s perfect.

Now, about that celebration…

To mark ten years of blogging and to say thank you for reading, I am offering two ways you can be a giveaway winner!

Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging & My Biggest #Giveaway Ever! #cancer #cancerblogs #blogging #writing #books

1. I’m offering a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, along with a note from yours truly, to one lucky reader! 10 years x $10 = $100! This is giveaway opportunity number one. USA mailing address required. Comment below stating you want to enter giveaway #1.


2. I am also offering a FREE autographed print copy of my memoir, Cancer Was Not a Gift & It Didn’t Make Me a Better Person: A memoir about cancer as I know it, to two lucky readers! This is giveaway opportunity number two. USA mailing address required. Comment below stating you want to enter giveaway #2.


In addition, my memoir, will be available on Kindle for FREE for 5 days beginning today, September 16! Don’t delay. Download today! (No comment necessary.)

So actually, this makes THREE giveaway opportunities!

If you choose to download my memoir for free, please do me a favor and write a review after you’ve read it. Thank you in advance.

How long to I intend to keep blogging?

Honestly, I do not know. There never seems to be a lack of topics to write about—not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I do know I don’t want to hang around too long and become one of those annoying don’t-know-when-to-quit types.

For now, here’s to another year of sharing, learning and supporting one another through the maze that is cancer.

Thank you for reading Nancy’s Point!

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Nancy's Point Turns 10 & My Biggest Giveaway Ever! #cancer #breast cancer #books #memoir #prizes #giveaway

Thank you for sharing this post!

It’s feedback time AND time to enter the giveaway of your choice!

(Feedback time has no expiration time.)

Giveaway #1 and #2 entry comments must be left no later than 5 pm CT, September 29th. Winners will be announced here on this post and also via my newsletter.

$100 Amazon gift card winner was Judy. Beverly and Kristie each won an autographed copy of my memoir. Congratulations, ladies. Thank you to all who participated!

Which giveaway opportunity would you like to be entered in? Please comment letting me know which one you want to be entered in. (Yes, you can enter both.)

What topic would you like to read more (or less) about?

What’s your favorite sort of post—informational, guest, rant, personal story, grief related, advocacy oriented, product review, opinion or other?

Cancer Was Not a Gift & It Didn't Make Me a Better Person #memoir #cancersucks #breastcancer #books

35 thoughts to “Nancy’s Point turns 10 & my biggest giveaway ever!”

  1. Love your blog! I had DIEP surgery in January. I hope all continues to go well for your recovery.

    Giveaway #1

    Going now to download your memoir!

  2. I would like giveaway #1 😀

    But I love your blog regardless. I’ve been reading since I was diagnosed at age 29 a year and a half ago.

  3. Thank you, Nancy! Your blog and your friendship have helped me through my cancer journey in so many ways. When I stop to think about it, I get lost! I’ll always be your ‘top fan’ until that term doesn’t exist!

    No need to enter me into the Giveaway. The best GET is when I open your email each Wednesday!

  4. Thanks so much for your continued efforts, Nancy. I would love to be entered in both giveaways, as I have read and love your book, and now have a recently diagnosed friend who could use a copy. I don’t want to part with mine! And the other giveaway would make a lunch treat for my “Cancer Girls” group….they are such a blessing, like you! Thanks again.

  5. I’d like Giveaway #1, Nancy. I already own a much-loaned copy of your memoir!

    Congratulations, and thank you. Your blog speaks for so many of us and is much appreciated.

  6. Hi Nancy, Happy to have found your blog after being diagnosed in November. Coming up on my one year
    Survivor anniversary. Whooo hoooo!
    Would love to be entered for Giveaway #1.
    Happy healing to you!

  7. It is so good to hear from you and that you are still healing better than you expected!
    Ten years, wow, where does the time go? Well, here’s to another ten!
    And let me just thank you again for being a voice of reason that sure helped me thru some of the crap that I had to put up with while taking these damn AI pills.
    And also for just being there thru the loss of my brother (it will be 2 years next week).
    And it was 2 years ago that I won the gift box giveaway on your 8 year “anniversary”. Thank you for that, too!
    Regarding what kind of content you may want to blog about, well, you usually cover a lot of different subjects and I find them all informative. But there is one subject in particular, that I would like to hear more about and that was your further experiences from “The Dark Side” Part 3. . I know you once mentioned recently that you had finally decided that you couldn’t complete your 10 year merry go round ride on the AI you were sentenced to. And I know you mentioned you might write about it someday, well………………no pressure…………..:)
    I sure know how hard it is to stay “compliant”…………………….
    Anyway, just keep up the good work, keep being yourself, keep yourself healthy and keep yourself happy!
    I am off to stay in a beach cottage on the ocean in Rhode Island next week! Yay! Finally, I can leave my house and go to another state! Finally I can feel the sand between my toes!….. And track it everywhere…………………..

    1. Tarzangela, Good to hear from you too. I need to write another post about AIs. I’ll get to it eventually. Enjoy your getaway. That sounds wonderful. I know you’ll be thinking about your brother too. Stay safe.

  8. I love your blog Nancy and congrats on 10 years
    Giveaway # 1 would be awesome!! Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to continuing to read your great blogs. Stay safe.

  9. I would like to be entered for giveaway 1 & 2. Congratulations and thank you!

    Still a relatively new reader, but I always enjoy personal stories. My favorite posts of yours so far have been the product reviews and rants- I always appreciate your honesty and point of view.

  10. I enjoy your un-sugarcoated take on living with breast cancer; you speak to what we are really feeling, not what we have been told we should be feeling (hello, pink power folk).

    I enjoy personal stories, rants, and new information.

    I would be grateful to be entered in giveaways 1 & 2.

    Thank you !

  11. Hi Nancy, I’m a fan of your blog! Since I live in Canada, and don’t qualify for the first two giveaways, I’ll download your book and leave a review after reading. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  12. Hello! I’ve just started reading your blog…. love getting to know someone like me…… I was feeling isolated….please enter me in both giveaways! Thank you for putting yourself out there…. strength in numbers…..

  13. Congratulations on 10 years, what a huge achievement. Happy blog anniversary! I like reading posts sharing product reviews and personal posts so you can learn more about the person behind the blog. I find they are the best to relate to the writer.
    I like both giveaways!

    Good luck everyone!

  14. Congrats on 10 years of great blogging & keeping us updated as well as giving us a place to vent! Hoping your recovery is going well. Please enter me in Giveaway #1 Happy to now you’ll keep on blogging, for now anyway. We all deserve to decide when we’ve reached the point when we can just sit back & not worry about deadlines.

    Hugs, Carol

  15. Since I read your fabulous, heart felt and personal memoir that I have given to several other cancer peeps, I will enter your first contest just because you’re do generous to have given 10 years of Nancy’s Point to any and all who have discovered you over time. I love giving to people but I’m terrible at receiving. I do know cancer has taught me (bastard that it is) is to accept and be grateful to those who do give. And that’s absolutely the anonymous gifts (a blog post or book that touched me deeply) or a present. I love the idea of a giveaway because it combines both in a beautiful package. I love you Nancy and thank you for giving of yourself to so many for a decade. I hope to live to see you write for another one.

  16. Happy 10th BLOG-iversary, Nancy! I did mean to comment on your ‘new’ logo (lovely choice!) and also YES I do remember both the ‘point’ you live on at that lake of yours, AND your ‘point’ of view! So clever you are!!

    As a Canadian, I don’t qualify for your generous celebratory giveaways, but I do want to thank you for the years of support you have offered to other women through your writing, and personally, for the kind way you have always supported me, my blog and my book.

    Although you and I write about two very different serious diagnoses, I know we have often agreed that the profoundly life-altering moment of “becoming a patient” is what unites all of us who hear those terrible scary words.

    Best of luck to you, my friend.

  17. Congrats on the anniversary of the blog. I cannot tell you how much it/you have meant to me as I struggled with my diagnosis, mastectomy, reconstruction and the rest over the past 5 years. Still struggle. Your book is great. Such an honest, heartfelt description. I loved the salty words. Don’t know why that Is so hard to take for the pink brigade-I find it cathartic and helpful.
    I hope you are progressing with your recovery. Bless you girl.

  18. I loved reading how you named your blog. It’s perfect. Blogging material keeps presenting itself so I believe you will still be blogging years from now. I would like to be entered in Giveaway #1 and #2. ❤️

  19. Love your blog, fb and instagram posts. I’d like to be entered for both. I love how you keep it real. You give me hope, but you don’t gloss over the truth. Cancer sucks, the lingering effects suck. I’m so happy to be here, don’t get me wrong, but I feel downright guilty if I dare to say out loud to my friends and family, this is hard. It’s never over. Every ache I have makes me think it’s back. I’m exhausted and feel 86 instead of 46. And I feel ashamed to say it, I know so many people who didn’t make it to complain about being exhausted, it makes me feel guilty. Fear, survivors guilt, aches and feeling like crud, all rolled into one. And we try to put a happy face on so the people around us don’t feel uncomfortable. I’m glad I found your blog. It helps to know all these feelings are not me going nuts. Happy ten years of blogging ♥️

  20. Hi Nancy! Congrats on your ten year mark! I just love that you don’t sugar coat your experiences. You tell it like it really is and I appreciate that as a fellow survivor. I would like to enter both of your giveaways please. Thank you for your writing and honesty:)

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